Art Awards Courses

What is the Art awards?

The Art awards are regulated qualifications that can be obtained in recognition of the hard work of students getting involved and creating art, dance, drama, taking photos making movies, supporting with stage lighting or anything that involves creativity.

I am a trained art awards advisers and if you would like to take part and gain a qualification then please do get in touch I can guild you through the process and everything that is needed to do this.

There are four different stages

Explore – A non-accredited qualification what allows students to start to develop their skills.

Discover – A starting course set at an enrty level below GCSE level to again give students a start at requireing these skills.

Bronze – A Level 1 course that starts to develop on students skills to get them able to maxiusie their skills

Silver – A Level 2 course set at GCSE level this course gets students thinking and trying new and excted art forms that that is not in there main interest, to give them a chance to try out new things.

Gold – At Level 3 this course gets students in the roles to fully get involed and lead projects along with trying out new art forms.

If you are interested in taking these courses at a low cost then please get in touch by filling in the applacation below.

Author: EducationMattersinfo

My name is Michael Manley I am a trained teacher for a PGCE in FE and have over 10 years experience working with students with SEN and learning difficulties.

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