LAMDA support tools

Here are some links to my flash cards resources to support students learning there knowledge questions for their exam.

Knowledge questions can make a big difference weither student pass or get a distinction, especially at higher levels of bronze, silver and gold. Therefore it is critical that students are able to obtain knowledge when talking to the examiner as well as be able to describe and use appropriate language to fully paint the picture of their characters journey.

For students to be able to do this I’ve put together some knowledge question flashcards for students to look over and answers the questions depending on their grade level and think about possible answers and how they approach them.

All the questions on the flash cards are ones that will be asked as a formality in the exams however, there are some prompts and ideas that the students can think about on another card to support their learning and you give some indication of what the examiner is looking for.

Go to the link below and get your flash cards now for just £2.50 (for one set level) or get all of the questions for all levels for £10.

Author: EducationMattersinfo

My name is Michael Manley I am a trained teacher for a PGCE in FE and have over 10 years experience working with students with SEN and learning difficulties.

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