AET Education and Training Level 3 former PTLLS.

What does AET stands for?

AET stands for the Award in Education and training. This qualification is set at level 3 and involes case studies, essay writing, projects, 8 obsavations, reflextiVe accounts and reports.

AET has replaced the qualification Preparing to Teach in the Lifelong Learning Sector (PTLLS) qualification. They are both still at level 3.

To be able to apply for this course you will need Level 2 (GCSE) in English, Maths and ICT along with a Level 3 (A-Level) or higher in the subject you wish to teach in.

This course is made for teacher/tutors who are new or just beginning there journeys to be come teachers. This is the first step to access teacher training at level 3.

AET is aimed at teachers in FE (further education) and HE (higer education) however with this your able to teach student from the age 14 up.

You are able to be hired at a school however the school agrees you are able to fill the role. You can also gain QTLS to be able to teach in school, colleges and universities. Find out more able QTLS on my page.

Author: EducationMattersinfo

My name is Michael Manley I am a trained teacher for a PGCE in FE and have over 10 years experience working with students with SEN and learning difficulties.

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