How to reduce assessment time ?

Many teachers spend hours writing evaluating, recording and tracking assessment and evidence there is often to to help learners progress individually or for you to give them back worth while feedback.

Here are some top tips that help me out.

1. Get in the habit of as soon as you get an assessment to do … do it then and there don’t store it for later do it straight away. This will help you as it’s in you will remember it and the assessment is fresh in your mind.

When you leave things you can easily forget what you were doing heading to the assessment turning into a memory recall game increasing the risk of forgetting information and key parts where students need to learn.

2. Plan yourself time

One of the biggest challenges is to set time to do work and time to relex. However, remember that you need some time to think and plan your assessments PPA time should be using for this. Aways try and think to yourself what can you do to at home and what can you do at school. If you can do it all at school do it straight away.

You got some more email me I’ll add them up.

Author: EducationMattersinfo

My name is Michael Manley I am a trained teacher for a PGCE in FE and have over 10 years experience working with students with SEN and learning difficulties.

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