Help with Teaching Assistant Level 3.

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If you have a question on your level 3 course please comment with your questions I would love to help you the best I can.

The Level 3 Supporting Teaching and Learning within Schools is at A level. This course not only looks at how the TA works in the classroom but also the knowledge behind teaching and school structures.

It asks for the candidate to demonstrate their ability to lead a lesson which has been planned by a teacher and deliver it at a good standard and manage the student’s behaviour to keep them safe in a safe environment.

This course has an element of cover supervisor units as well embedded within the course which opens up doors to become a cover supervisor as well as to begin the journey as an HLTA.

Read more about HLTA in my blog now.

Author: EducationMattersinfo

My name is Michael Manley I am a trained teacher for a PGCE in FE and have over 10 years experience working with students with SEN and learning difficulties.

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