What is a PGCE?

What is a PGCE? and what do I need to know.

What is a PGCE?

PGCE stands for a Post Graduate Certificate in Education. This course is for people who have a Level 6 to 7 Degree in their chosen subject to teach in.

The PGCE is two years part-time and one-year full time. This usually is academic years.

Part-time you would attend a classroom of trainee teachers and work on all your coursework in your own time. To take this course, you often need to be teaching at a school up to 150 hours a year.

Full time you would attend the classroom lessons 4 to 5 days a week, and you would work and complete all your work in and out of the classroom. Towards the end of the degree, you would do a 3 to 4-week placement. You might have to find this yourself, or your provider will find one for you or help.

Depending on the type of PGCE you go for you will have to apply to be a qualified teacher at the end of the PGCE. A PGCE is a qualification demonstrating your ability as a teacher and proving you have been trained as a teacher.

However, to become and qualified teacher you will need to apply for QTS or QTLS may have QTS. This is your licence to practice and proof of competence.

Some PGCE have QTS included in their PGCE. However, you must check this before applying for your PGCE as it is pricey to pay on your own.

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